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About Me

Glen Thuncher, professional photographer, owner and founder of Florida Life Photography

Glen Thuncher

"An amateur focuses on the gear

professional focuses on the money

A master focuses only on the light."

After almost 50 years of viewing life through the lens of a camera,

mastery of light remains my obsession.


Light is what separates a nice snapshot from a timeless image.

And I strive for that every day. 

I would be honored to capture the light and love 

of you, your family, and loved ones ...

Capturing the special moments in your life 

that warrant something more than a

smartphone pic or selfie.

If you're ready, let's capture those moments,

and create memories that define your life.

Technical Stuff:

I shoot exclusively with cinematic quality, highest resolution medium-format cameras

and prefer the outdoors and natural light whenever possible.

I employ different photographic styles, from ultra-crisp high resolution images

to vibrant, retro, and muted colors. 

Choose the style(s) you like!

You choose the location ... the beach, the park, your secret spot.


I can make recommendations and will travel to you,

pretty much anywhere in the Sunshine State.

(travel fees may apply.) 

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